SwiftCMS is designed for service and content providers who aim to deliver high quality video-experience, and focus on accessibility, manageability, scalability, security and interoperability. This cloud service offers extendable and web-based management to specifically enable collaborative workflow in delivering, authoring, marketing and supporting an end-to-end OTT content service.

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End-users: The best video playback experience
  • • Full-featured video portal with adaptive bit-rates support on WEB browser, smartphone, tablet and Set-Top-Box
  • • Intuitive layout, in-site searching, favorites, hierarchical categorizing, auto ranking and recommendation
  • • Integration with 3rd party SNS for rating, commenting, and fine-tuned content rendering for SEO
Authoring: A versatile hub for the digital assets management
  • • Well-modeled management on premium assets, customizable meta-data and fine-grained access rights
  • • Customizable working flow for tagging, categorizing, approving, previewing and publishing
  • • Multi-channel publishing to WEB, smartphone, tablet and Set-Top-Box, and provision of embedded HTML code
Marketing: A short lead time to keep staying ahead
  • • Flexibility in pricing and packaging to effectively support marketing promotion, events and campaigns
  • • Standard-based advertising integration with 3rd party Ad platforms to monetize the traffic
  • • Comprehensive insights into the user profiles, purchasing, devices, playback, traffic, contents and behavior
Supporting: Being more productive in implementation
  • • Role-based admin with automated configuration, real-time monitoring and immediate notification
  • • Standard-based templating, unlimited page design, and VAS customization using JSON API
  • • Easy branding and interoperability with existing infrastructure, including LDAP/ADS, SSO, Billing, Business Supporting System

With SwiftCMS, service and content providers will greatly benefit from simplifying the whole process of content publishing, and will enjoy more flexibility to create video marketing and responsive customer service on a reliable platform.


SwiftCMS integrates seamlessly with the rest of SwiftMedia's modules for a complete end-to-end Digital Media enablement solution.

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