SwiftCoder is a broadcast-grade, cloud-based platform that supports multiple ingestion modes for:

- Video Files Transcoding

- Live Transcoding Services

It allows Media Providers the capability and flexibility to prepare, secure, and deliver premium live and video content to any devices, anywhere. Media Providers can also leverage on SwiftCoder Live Recording features to further increase users’ engagement. Through integration with our cloud DRM service, SwiftDRM, Media Providers can protect their VOD content to meet licensing requirements. The best end user experience with minimal delay across multiple platforms and devices is ensured through delivery using our global network: SwiftServe CDN.

Improve the Viewers’ Experience and Engagement

- Adaptive bitrates
- Seamless Instant Replay


- 24/7 operation
- Redundancy for high-priority content
- 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Reduce your Costs

- Save on Capital and Operating Expenditure
- Geographically distributed architecture removing costly backhauling

SwiftCoder Features : Download brochure  

How it works?

Features for Live Transcoding

  • - Developer-friendly REST API
  • - Use standard RTMP live streams for ingestion
  • - Integrated Live to VOD asset creation
  • - CDN-based token authentication

Features for File Transcoding

  • - Multiple Outputs - Create multiple versions of a video from a single input file
  • - Captions - Provide closed captioning for the hearing impaired audience
  • - Multiple Languages - support subtitles and audio tracks in different languages within the same stream
  • - Transmuxing - Change the container format of H.264 files while keeping underlying streams intact (used for HLS and MPEG-DASH)

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