SwiftServe operates SwiftServe CDN, a global next generation CDN, built on the advanced SwiftCDN technology, and provides as a service to content publishers and network service providers.

The SwiftServe CDN network is designed to deliver multi-media content swiftly, securely and reliably to end-users across the globe. SwiftServe's CDN services include web-acceleration, file download optimisation, video on demand (VoD), and live streaming.

SwiftServe also enables Network Service and Content Providers to resell these services, branded as their own.

SwiftServe CDN Features : Download brochure  

  • • Global coverage, with PoPs across the world
  • • Fast delivery of content anywhere over HTTP, RTMP, HDS, HLS, and Smooth
  • • Safe delivery to virtually any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones running Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.
  • • Handling a variety for video encoding, including industry standard H.264.
  • • Extensive policies to protect content from unauthorised access, including IP-address restrictions, "geoblocking" (for geographic restrictions) and token-based authentication (enabling multi-level restrictions based on business logic)
  • • Logging of usage for billing and analytics purposes.

With a great global CDN coverage, SwiftServe can deliver content on your behalf securely, wherever your audience might be. In short, SwiftServe provides a faster, safer and better route to market.


SwiftServe offer both Content Delivery and Web Optimisation solutions with our proven high performance technology